January 31, 2014

Thanks for the warm reception (during some cold weather) we got from you all out there this January in support of the new album, "Last of the Outlaws."

It's been a great time whipping the new songs into shape on the road and your support and praises on the new album have made it all worthwhile!

February kicks off with a return to some great cities: Richmond, VA, 2 nights in Washington, DC, Buffalo, NY; Syracuse, NY, 2 nights in Philadelphia, Burlington, VT, Boston and New York City!
You can find Ticket Info for all these (and more) at the RRE Tour Page: www.RailroadEarth.com/Tour

January 14, 2014

"Last of the Outlaws" releases today, January 14th! CD and digital available at all major outlets now. (LP available 1/28 at RRE Store / 2/11 all other outlets).

Visit the RRE Album Page at www.RailroadEarth.com/LastOfTheOutlaws for current order info.

December 31, 2013

RRE wants to wish you all a very Happy New Year and bring in 2014 with a new website look and a new album coming coming up on January 14th!

"Last of the Outlaws" is Railroad Earth's first new studio album in three years and it's worth the wait! First single, "Chasin' a Rainbow" is already building a presence at Triple A Radio and RRE's first-ever long form composition, "All That's Dead May Live Again/Face with a Hole," is raising more than a few eyebrows in the media.

You can Pre-Order the CD or vinyl LP at the RRE Store or get a high quality digital version at: www.LiveRailroadEarth.com/LastoftheOutlaws

December 2, 2013
Railroad Earth’s new studio album, “Last of the Outlaws,” hit stores nationwide on January 14, 2014!
You can Order the physical CD, vinyl LP or a high quality digital version of the album now, all through RRE’s own stores!!

Order a Digital Copy of the album: www.LiveRailroadEarth.com

“Railroad Earth’s seventh album is their most evocative and ambitious set to date. At once melancholic and joyous, often deep, yet always accessible, the album captures the band as they are now; twelve years in, wiser and worn and pondering how this life affects those around them. Every song has a story and every story has its meaning.”

November 5, 2013
Railroad Earth is pleased to announce their New Year’s Run 2013 in the great city of Asheville, NC!
The Orange Peel will host a three-night run of RRE from December 29th-31st!

Fan Club Ticketing on sale September 6th at: RRE Ticketing
Public on-sale date ~ September 13th: www.theorangepeel.net

We’ll see you there!

November 3, 2013
We want to thank you for making the 3rd Annual Railroad Earth’s Hangtown Halloween Ball such a great success this October!
This year’s festival was definitely the best yet and we’re very excited for what 2014 brings. Already looking forward to it!

November brought Railroad Earth’s Horn-O-Plenty Getaway in Stroudsburg, PA on Thanksgiving Weekend! Two Nights of Railroad Earth at the Sherman Theater ~ plus many more activities throughout the weekend! Be sure to join RRE as they perform the classic “Old and in the Way” album in its entirety with founding member Peter Rowan!!

On January 14th, Railroad Earth will release their long-awaited new studio album, “Last of the Outlaws.” Pre-order info and teasers coming soon!