Railroad Radio Presents Long Way To Go

You’re invited to collaborate with Railroad Radio on Long Way To Go! We recently got “together” just to play and it put a huge smile on our faces. Now we need your love and energy to complete the picture.
Participating is as easy as recording a horizontal video of yourself singing, playing, dancing, bellowing, whatever you feel moved to do, then sending it in. We’ll turn it into a new video where we are all side by side doing what we do best. If you’re a picker, take a pass at a section. Or sing a chorus with us, write a new verse, shake your groove thing… there’s no rules here, other than to have fun.
We couldn't do any of this without you, and it would be weird to try. Please join us in creating a few minutes together to rejoice as a community again!

We’ll be extending the deadline for Long Way To Go video entries an extra week, until Sunday 6/14. Submit here: HERE