“It’s So Good”, the brand new single off our upcoming album 'All For The Song', produced by Anders Osborne, is officially available NOW on digital streaming platforms! 


Penned by Todd Sheaffer, here’s some stories he shared on the origin of “It’s So Good”...
“Man, the crazy shit we musicians do just to play a little music! With this song I had some fun with the curse of the touring musician (and everyone else in the world, for that matter!) - travel nightmares. First verse is an abbreviated version of an infamous RRE travel day from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Grand Targhee, Wyoming. Broke down buses, side-of-the-road Sunday, nothing open, borrowed ski shuttles, broken axles, lost tires, vans on fire - it's a long story. Second verse? Anyone who's ever done any significant amount of flying has lived the second verse. Unfortunately. Last verse? At the end of it all I still have to fight traffic and make my way west to get home. All for the song! The payoff, of course . . . the chorus! The joyous faces at the end of the road so happy to see you: the fans, the family, the friends, the things that make it all worthwhile.”