[LMA] 2014-10-11 Fly Free Lafayette GA MG210

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[LMA] 2014-10-11 Fly Free Lafayette GA MG210

New postby RobertNC » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:00 pm


Enjoy! RobertNC

Railroad Earth
Fly Free Fest
Cumulus Stage
LaFayette, GA
October 11, 2014

Source: Microtech Gefell 210 Hypercardioids (DINa) > XLRs > Sound Devices 722 @ 24bits/96KHz
Location: Left Front of Soundboards @ 12'
Lineage: SD 722 > CEP2 gain, resampled, dithered to 16bits/44.1KHz > CDWave > Traders Little Helper Level 6 > FLAC16
Taped by: R Graham
Transferred, tracked, encoded by: R Graham (born_cross_eyed AKA RobertNC)

Disc 1 47:31

1. Mighty River
2. Chasin' A Rainbow
3. Happy Song
4. When the Sun Gets In Your Blood
5. Monkey
6. 'Neath The Stars
7. Grandfather Mountain

Disc 2 63:33

8. Cold Water
9. Crossin' The Gap
10. The Forecast >
11. Face With A Hole
12. Hangtown Ball
13. Hard Livin'
14. Long Way To Go
15. Crowd


16. Bird In The House

A few sound system glitches from rain, an occasional carry over from another stage.

Cool festival. Once inside the gate there was essentially no parking "enforcement", I got to drive around and select a strategic spot where I thought I could get traction, and still alm0st did not get out.

Some people, alcohol = automatic need to be louder than the ambient background music. Add heavy rain, they just get louder. People standing the in the rain literally screaming at each other in the rain and you get something that sounds like "chatter".

I don't generally do these things, this one was for Margaret.

Thanks RRE and Fly Free Fest Crew!

Enjoy RobertNC
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