[LMA] Gillioz Theatre Springfield MO Microtech Gefell

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[LMA] Gillioz Theatre Springfield MO Microtech Gefell

New postby RobertNC » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:28 am


Railroad Earth
Gillioz Theatre
Springfield, MO
June 29, 2014

Source: Microtech Gefell 210 Hypercardioids (DINa) > Silver Clad XLRs > Sound Devices 722 @ 24bits/96KHz
Location: DFC Orchestra behind soundboards at ~10'
Lineage: SD 722 > CEP2 gain, resampled, dithered to 16bits/44.1KHz > CDWave > Traders Little Helper Level 6 > FLAC16
Taped by: R Graham and M Fenlon
Transferred, tracked, encoded by: R Graham (born_cross_eyed AKA RobertNC)

Set I Disc 1 61:26

1) Sing for Me
2) When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
3) Jerusalem Ridge
4) Bringin' My Baby Back Home
5) Been Down This Road
6) The Cuckoo
7) Any Road
8) A Day on the Sand
9) Seven Story Mountain

Set II Disc 2 25:31

1) Long Way To Go
2) Old Man and the Land
3) All That's Dead May Live Again >
4) Introit >
5) Black Elk Speaks

Set II Disc 3 64:23

6) Colorado
7) Long Walk Home
8) 420
9) Just So You Know
10) Monkey
11) Face with a Hole >
12) One More Night on the Road
13) Crowd


14) Take a Bow


The second set split may seem odd, its based on my own personal preferences in the setlists, you can mix it up however you like. It will fit on one disc if you can overburn by a little less than 3 minutes, definitely within reason for at least good quality 80 minute CDRs.

Not much low end on this one, the venue had short stacks sitting directly on the stage. Never gonna get but so much low end detail out of that with an audience recording, and I see no point in just arbitrarily boosting the bass in post when there is not much real detail in the signal to begin with. If you like the sound of mud or just want to bother the neighbors, you can reach on over and crank that knob on your stereo all you like. ;-)

But a fine show in an incredibly beautiful theatre. Thanks to all the band and Mike Partridge and crew for such fine music, and allowing and being so supportive of tapers.
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