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Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby wannabehobo » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:59 pm

My first RRE exposure was around 2005, hearing the band on Sirius Jam On. I enjoyed the limited selection that was played, but that was all I knew. Some friends took me along to Bonnaroo '07 where I was able to catch the Sunday afternoon set and really enjoyed it. This has really been it. The few times they've made it down to Texas, I've missed the shows for one reason or another. Sadly Railroad Earth had slowly faded from my musical rotation.

Then out of nowhere last fall, a friend shared some show recordings with me. I've been absolutely hooked. I mean 50 to 75% of the music I've been playing over the last 6 months has been RRE. I purchased the new album on vinyl and love it more with every spin.

So this has all lead to my first vacation from work in 2 1/2 years. I scored a full week off and decided to buy some tickets:

Phoenix>Flagstaff>Crystal Bay>Fillmore x3

I'm stoked and can't wait.....loading down the truck and hitting the road solo. These will be my first "real" RRE shows!

Since I'm such a noob, I was hoping to get some stories, expectations, advice, etc. Whatever you have to share, I wanna hear it!
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Re: Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby hoboholic » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:58 am

We've all been there! I'll be hitting the west coast soon myself.

First all the traveling Hobos I've met are very nice and very open. They come from all ages. I know have friends that range from 21 to 68 I've spent time and hotel rooms with. I've been told the rail at a Railroad Earth show is the kindness rail around. I tend to find room elsewhere and the crowd is usually as kind as you are. A friend of mine won't see club shows anymore after being pushed around at some shows even away from the stage, but she still sees Railroad Earth.

If you have good ears you won't need ear plugs expect for maybe the opening band. Mike does a great job with sound including getting right to the edge of being loud but not too loud. Only time I've had ear issues after a show is when I ended up right by a speaker.

Make sure you at least once get in position to see the lights. Depends on the venue, but most of the time Alex's lights are something just to take in regardless of the band. Last I knew he works with the venues boards and some are better than others but I've seen him do cool things in small clubs. Red Rocks was amazing last year, if you have a chance come to Colorado and see the two shows in August.

Outside of the new material I doubt you'll hear a repeat, and even the new stuff isn't being performed at back to back shows. So expect a different show each night. Last time I count they had over 80 songs they played in the last couple years more than once and that was before "Last of the Outlaws". The count is a few years old though, but the varied song list means you end up wanting to go back again. It's hard to stop after one show. Or ever.

Say "hi" to Stacy at the merch booth. I see buying merch as a tip to the band. The shirts are always top notch and you get a really nice souvenir.

Sign up to the Facebook Railroad Earth Hobo group. Good place to get ideas for hotel rooms, places to eat from those that will on the road with you.

Have fun!
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Re: Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby DougD » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:52 pm

I can give you some practical travel advice:

First of all, though I realize that the primary purpose of the trip is to hear some great music, try to enjoy the areas you'll be traveling through. After the show in Phoenix, don't take the interstate straight to Flagstaff. Instead, take the 179 to Sedona & from Sedona drive up 89A to Flagstaff. The landscape & geography around Sedona is amazing, and the drive from Sedona to Flagstaff is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely bring your camera & extra water & take the time to pull-over at scenic areas, take pictures, do some hiking, etc.

Flagstaff is a cool college town. The theater where RRE is playing is located in the old downtown area, surrounded by interesting shops, bars, restaurants, etc. There are some very good restaurants in Flagstaff. If you're not on a budget the Cottage Place restaurant is excellent. If you're on a budget there is a restaurant called "Daily Fare" which is good value for what you get. Located near the theater is a restaurant called "Criollo" which has kind of a Latin-fusion menu & is really good.

The drive from Flagstaff to Tahoe is a long one, but you've got a few days in-between shows so easily doable. Have you thought about what you're going to do in the off days in-between the Flagstaff & Crystal Bay shows? You could stop off & lose some $$ in Vegas (& if you've never been there it's worth seeing) but there's a lot of great State/National Parks around Flagstaff so lots of great camping/hiking opportunities. Or you could just drive straight through to Lake Tahoe, which is another very beautiful area & has lots to offer in terms of outdoor activities.

Last suggestion: if you're going to be staying in hotels along the way, visit this site

& learn how to save TONS of money by using priceline to book hotel rooms.

A lot of people don't like priceline because they incorrectly think that they have to blindly bid on hotel rooms, that you have no idea what quality of room you're going to end up with, where the hotel will be, etc. This is not true, at least if you take the time to learn how priceline works and how you can game the system. I travel a lot & routinely stay in 3 & 4 star hotels for $45-$65. As an example, I was just in Phoenix last week and stayed at a very nice Courtyard by Marriott for $63, while the online price was $149.

Have fun & travel safe!
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Re: Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby wannabehobo » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:30 pm

This is really good stuff guys, thanks so much!

@hoboholic: I'm a pretty tall guy, so I usually stay off the rail. I always hate to be the guy blocking someone else's good time. The back near the sound booth is my kinda place, plus there is usually extra room to boogie. Hoping for kind crowds and excited to meet some traveling hobos. I appreciate you mentioning the light show. Didn't realize they took it to that level, but now definitely looking forward it to as well. I agree with you about the merch. It's a great way to support the band, and I will make sure I stop by to meet Stacy.

@Doug: This info really helps me out. My plan is to spend a couple days hiking and camping on the way to Crystal Bay. I'm planning on shooting out I-40 and then meandering up Hwy 395, but I'm open to other suggestions. It seems like there are quite a few roads and campgrounds closed this time of year. I'm really excited because I hadn't even considered the drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff. Now, there is no way I'm taking the interstate, it's 179 for me :D I'm trying to keep my costs as low as possible. I've got a room for my stay in SF, but still trying to figure out the rest. Will check out that forum, looks like there are some deals to be had.

Thanks again! If either of you make it out and see a tall, skinny red-haired guy with glasses, say hi. I would love to buy ya a beer.
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Re: Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby thehitch » Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:29 am

How did you like the Fillmore WBH? My first time and it was stepping into a time tunnel. The portrait of JG in the stairway is awesome. Sound was better than I expected (probably more Mike than the venue).
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Re: Tell Me About RRE Tour

New postby vanhuffer » Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:47 pm

Everyone should wear earplugs, even at RRE shows, trust me on this...
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