ELKO card throwing--who started it?

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ELKO card throwing--who started it?

New postby DougD » Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:57 pm

It an effort to keep up interaction on this board:

What's the history behind fan's throwing playing cards into the air during "Elko"?

Anyone know at what show this was first done, who came up with the idea, etc.? Was the band in on it? If not I assume cards flying into the air must have garnered a significant reaction from the stage? Did other fans pick up on it more or less immediately, or did it take a while to catch on?

I didn't turn on to RRE until 2010 or so, and I think every time I've seen Elko played someone in the audience has brought cards with them & thrown them up into the air at the appropriate time. I think it's great, though I'm guessing the venue cleaning crews do not!

I'm trying to think of other types of similar interactions between bands & their fans...

The obvious one that comes to mind is when the The Grateful Dead would play "Not Fade Away" to end their second--the crowd would all start chanting "You know our love will not fade away..." & do this hand clap routine until the band came back on stage for their obligatory encore.

Another is when WSP plays "Chilly Water" and everyone in the crowd shakes their water bottles back and forth above their heads.

The one I absolutely hate is when Phish plays some song and the phisheads throw lightsticks towards the stage, and then for the next few songs it's a lightstick war. I f'ing hate that & can only assume that more than a few people have been painfully hit in the face by them.

I also am not a big fan of people blowing up beach balls at concerts though that seems to happen everywhere. I find the beach balls very distracting / annoying & I've been known to grab them & pop them, sometimes earning me high-fives from those around me though admittedly just as often dirty looks.
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Re: ELKO card throwing--who started it?

New postby Scott » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:40 am

Hmm. I don't recall the first time I saw it...maybe '06?
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Re: ELKO card throwing--who started it?

New postby grumpin » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:47 pm

I've often wondered when the card throwing began as well.

As far as other bands...Phish has had a long relationship with their phans, regarding interaction. Everything from chanting "Wilson" at the beginning of the song, to glow stick wars (which I doubt the band enjoys).

Most importantly, the "secret language" phish has, or use to have. For example, they use to play at various points, the SIMPSONS theme, & that meant one thing, for either the band or the crowd to do something. And the crowd would do it. They had an entire "secret language" that only the band & the hardcore phans knew about, & they would interact with one another.
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