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Camp Railroad

New postby Sister Fennario » Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:32 am

Words can’t even come close to conveying how excited i am about this one. I am thrilled. THRILLED. and i don’t even know if i can go. I am just so psyched! way to go guys, steppin’ out, AND red rocks....poised for flight, wings spread bright....

So, about this camp. I just love the immersion program. If i had my way... and mind, this is not a directive, just a pipe dream, ie. as in my perfect world. and while i’m runnin with it, i’m just riffin here. the best jams are definitely a conversation and the best conversations are definitely a jam...

OK, mornings are for practice. warming up, loosening up body, hands, mind. (yoga, scales, technical practice, whatever the excercise, whatever the asana, many instruments -- voice, body, heart, mind, spirit)

afternoon: specializations/collaborations: instruction/workshops with special focus, panels on specific topics (technique tutorials as well as step by step how-to for aspiring musicians/bands?)

here are my suggestions for panel topics:

who are we? is there a hobo identity/ what the values?

how do we pass down music/culture and why does it matter?

what does it feel like to be in the zone? when “it” happens

(find a lyric that fits, there you’ve got your panel topic, or just open up the floor)


talent night



late night:

jammin singalongs

ya got all the right ingredients: music, nature, love, play, friendship

so that’s pretty much it
Sister Fennario
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Re: Camp Railroad

New postby DougD » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:41 am

Love your ideas, energy, & "positivity" Sister; keep on keeping' on!
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