[LMA] WhipperSnap 2012-07-20

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[LMA] WhipperSnap 2012-07-20

New postby RobertNC » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:31 am

Sorry this was a;ll I got from a great festie. We had problems and almost did not even make it for thr RRE set.




Railroad Earth
Whippersnap Music and Arts Festival
Lyran Park
Rockford Illinois
July 20, 2012

Source: Microtech Gefell 210 Hypercardioids (DIN) > Shure Screens > Mogambi Gold Clad XLRs > Sound Devices SD722 @ 24bits/96KHz
Location: Left Front of Boards @ 10'
Lineage: SD722 > CEP2 gain, resampled, dithered to 16bits/44.1KHz > CDWave > Traders Little Helper Level 6 > FLAC16
Taped by: R Graham, M Fenlon
Transferred, tracked, encoded by R Graham

Disc I 29:44

1) The Forecast
2) Mighty River
3) Gold Rush
4) Cold Water

Disc II 64:03

1) Been Down This Road
2) Elko
3) Crossing the Gap
4) Said What You Mean
5) Goat >
6) 1759
7) Fisherman Blues
8) Railroad Earth


9) Head


Thanks Margaret most of all.

Microphone pops and other artifacts were the house sound during Railroad Earth, not the recording gear. I tried a few clean ups, but I'm a recordist, not a producer, so in the end I left it just as they played it and I captured it.

As always, I arrange disc breaks to give a presentation I like rather than maximize run length. Burn em how you like em.

Whippersnap is a great, very laid back festival in a beautiful location. Please support them if they have it again next year. Would love to have recorded more acts but my availability was not cooperative.

Enjoy! RobertNC, Margaret F - Half of Team GangstaLean with Margaret supporting for the absent Dave.
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