Railroad Earth teams up with Hearts 2 Hands to help out with the California fire devastation.

Californians have embraced Railroad Earth from the day we got up on the RV at High Sierra. There is a spirit in California to believe anything is possible, and a refusal to let life keep it from happening. California has filled our souls and brought us close friends. Seeing the devastation is heartbreaking. It’s our turn to do whatever we can to give back to those who have lost so much and been displaced by these fires. We have chosen to partner with Santa Cruz-based apparel company, Same Team, as well as @heartstohandsfoundation, who are devoted to providing grassroots relief to those in need. We hope you will all join us as we spread this message of kindness, support and love for Northern California. Thank you!


VISIT THE MERCH BOOTH on site at Hangtown to get your Same Team t-shirts with proceeds going to Hearts To Hands. Learn more here: https://www.hearts-hands.com/campaigns

Make a donation online: https://www.hearts-hands.com/donate

Order your Same Team shirt online: http://www.sameteam.org/fire-relief